5 Good Career Ideas For Lovers Of Driving

Love driving cars such as 2017 ford escape, vans, or want to cruise the roads in a truck? If so, there are some great careers out there for you. Many people enjoy the freedom of driving, and doing something you love always makes for an excellent career choice. Sure, it might not make you wealthy, but you can’t put a price on happiness. We’re going to take a look at five of the most popular today – so let’s get on the road right away.


Taxi driver

Let’s start with the most obvious driving career – the taxi driver. Before you even get started, you’ll need to get a license, and maybe even pass a knowledge test. There’s insurance to think about, too – both for your car and for your business liability. You can expect to earn around £25,000 year driving taxis full time – but that figure doesn’t include tips.Your best bet is to move to a bigger city if you want to make more money, as there is for more trade to pick up. You’ll also need to establish the best parts of town to hang around in to maximise your income. Taxi driving is perfect for people with other careers that want to earn extra cash, too. As long as you can stick to a good routine and it doesn’t impact on your life, why not give it a try?


Chauffeurs are more in demand than ever these days – and they aren’t exclusively for the wealthy anymore. Many corporate businesses use chauffeurs for their staff, as it means they can continue working while travelling. Timekeeping is going to be essential, so be prepared for anything. Keep your vehicle well-maintained, and look for a service that lets you order tyres online. You never know when you will get puncture or blowout. And, if it occurs when you have a high paying client needing to catch a business flight, it’s going to be bad for your business. Chauffeurs can earn a lot, depending on your clients. It’s not unusual for them to get significant tips, either. The better service you give people, the more likely they will give you a little bonus when you drop them off.


Bus driver

Bus drivers earn a reasonable wage, and your skills will always be in demand. It can be a taxing job, however, as you will be dealing with all sorts of members of the public. You will need to be patient, and have a thick skin. You often hear of stories of people giving bus drivers abuse, of course. However, most members of the public aren’t like that at all. You can expect to earn around £25,000 as a bus driver. Overtime is a great way to boost your income, too, although you will have to take breaks during certain amount of hours per day. Becoming a bus driver takes a while, as you’ll need to get a special license to drive.

The white van man or woman

There is always a big demand for people who own vans. It’s a great little business, too. You’ll need to have a license, and business vehicle insurance, of course, to make sure you don’t get sued in the event of an accident. You will also need to keep you van in great condition. Keep up to date with your vehicle maintenance, as your van is the only tool of your trade. Any breakdowns or engine troubles are going to stop you from earning money. Regarding income, the sky’s the limit. Give people a good service and you can expect a daily rate – plus tips.


Truck driver

Finally, let’s look at truck drivers. The average wage of truckers is around £25,000. However, it can be a lot more, depending on the industry you are serving. The highest pay for truck drivers goes to those working in dangerous areas or who transport hazardous substances. Oil tanker drivers, for example, can earn around £40,000 plus. You will need to get a truck driver’s license – or HGV license – before you start. It can take a while to learn how to drive one of these impressive vehicles – and it will cost some money, too.

Can you think of any more driving careers? Or, maybe you already enjoy the benefits of a job driving vehicles already? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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